I’m a privacy scholar at New York University, where I research legal, social, and cognitive aspects of technology-related personal information sharing, particularly in the realm of self-tracking, self-quantification, and connected devices (the Internet of Things).  Currently, I hold a  postdoctoral fellowship at NYU’s Information Law Institute and Department of Media, Culture, & Communication, where I work closely with Dr. Helen Nissenbaum.

Prior to joining NYU, I graduated from Berkeley Law, where I had the opportunity to work with scholars at the Samuelson Law, Technology & Public Policy Clinic researching biometric technologies, participating in a DMCA anti-circumvention rulemaking proceeding, and drafting a privacy rule that the California Public Utilities Commission subsequently adapted to protect consumer information in the “Smart” electrical grid. I also have a bit of an activist streak, and I had an amazing time interning at the Electronic Frontier Foundation while in law school.