HeatherPatterson_headshot2016Hello! I’m a Senior Research Scientist at Intel Labs and an affiliate privacy scholar at New York University’s Information Law Institute. I investigate social, legal, and ethical issues arising from emerging technological systems such as the Internet of Everything, Autonomous Vehicles, and Connected Homes. 

As a principle investigator on a number of usable privacy and security projects, my aim is to create user interactions that are intuitive, satisfying, and empowering by helping engineers, product teams, and designers build privacy, transparency, and control mechanisms into technologies from the outset. This often requires looking closely at social norms, cognitive biases, and legal structures that guide individuals’ information sharing behaviors within and across social contexts. In addition to my research within Intel Labs, I have recently begun writing a social impacts column for IEEE Pervasive Computing, and I serve on the Program Committee for the Symposium of Usable Privacy and Security.