Heather2Heather Patterson is a cognitive scientist and legal scholar who investigates how people understand and manage privacy and information flows when navigating emerging socio-technological environments. She uses qualitative and quantitative research techniques to elicit individuals’ internal representations of privacy and information flows in a variety of social domains, including wellness, the workplace, and the home, and then operationalizes those findings in design and policy solutions that respect contextual norms and values. She is a Senior Research Scientist at Intel Labs and an Affiliate Scholar at New York University’s Information Law Institute.

Heather received a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology from the University of Washington and a J.D. with a technology certification from Berkeley Law.  She subsequently held a two-year privacy research fellowship at NYU’s Information Law Institute, where she researched contextual privacy under the guidance of Dr. Helen Nissenbaum.  Prior to her time at NYU, Heather was a legal intern at the Electronic Frontier Foundation and at Berkeley Law’s Samuelson Law, Technology, and Public Policy Clinic.